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Quick Tips for Novice RE Investors

      Where to Start? If you have yet to take the plunge into real estate investing, get ready for a wild ride. It’s a fast-paced industry with many moving parts that change often. But with the right mindset, a little research, and a few smart decisions, you can create for yourself a passive […]

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What is the difference between list and sales prices?

The list price is the current asking price the home is advertised for and is typically the price a seller would like to get for the property.  The sales price is the amount a property actually sells for.   This may be the same as the list price, but can be higher or lower depending on […]

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How is the price set?

The real estate market is continually changing, and since these market fluctuations have an effect on property values it is imperative to price the home based on the most recent comparable sales of similar homes in your neighborhood.   This is called a comparative market analysis which you can do yourself, request one from an experienced […]

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What are the two most important factors when selling a home?

The number one most important factor in selling a home is the asking price.  Price it too high and no one will come see it – no one will buy it.  So the first step is to price your home correctly taking into consideration the location, current market conditions, market trends, overall condition and appeal […]

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What is the best time to buy a home?

Every market is different but typically most buyers prefer to move in the spring or summer, hence the sales season usually starts to heat up in late January and February.  This is especially true of Families with children who try to time the move during the summer so their kids will transfer to their new […]

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How do you prepare a house to sell?

You want your home to shine above the competition so spending the time and energy getting it ready will help you get close to your asking price and sell as quickly as possible.   Here are a few ideas to get you started on making your home shine without spending a lot of money: Sweep the […]

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